Wednesday, December 06, 2006

VSTS Virtual Lab: Change Management with TFS

A new virtual lab in the Team System section of MSDN Virtual Labs is now available that covers Change Management with Team Foundation Server.
In this lab:
VSTFS enables developers to handle change at an individual
level by letting them isolate themselves from outside changes
VSTFS enables
a team to leverage best practices with process frameworks templates and
automated guidance and provides you with ready-to-use industry recognized best
practices like MSF and SCRUM
VSTFS offers an integrated work environment
designed for change management in teams with a variety of roles
VSTFS source
control system integrates information and artifacts in a safe and secure
centralized location
Team Foundation Work Item Tracking system enables to
maintain efficiency by ensuring that developers are focused on the most critical
work items
The integration of Team Foundation System enables you to take the
overhead out of traceability and collaboration
Team Foundation Build
improves quality everyday by regularly integrating your team’s work together
Team Foundation Build reporting capabilities enables you to identify issues
including bottlenecks early on by taking a team-wide view of your progress

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