Thursday, December 28, 2006

Load Tests Results Dilema

Been trying to read the load test results captured on a client’s machines at the client’s hosting environment on our development environment to capture what are the problems we have in the application.

It took hours to figure out why the test results keep giving unable to connect to load test repository.

The only solution found is the following:
  1. Create a local Load Test on your machine and export it for reference.
  2. Open your Exported Load Test trx file and search for the key m_resultsRepositoryConnectString, this key holds the Load Test Repository connection string encrypted. This key is found under Tests/LoadTestResult node.
    <m_resultsRepositoryConnectString type="System.String">
  3. Copy the encrypted connection string, and open your original exported load test trx files and replace the original connection string with the new one.

Voila!! You are now able to view your test results

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Sameh said...

Thank you Ayman, you did a great job:)