Thursday, March 26, 2009

TFS Admin Tool 1.4 Beta Released

The TFS Admin Tool 1.4 beta is now available on CodePlex.

The new beta version provides support for SQL Server 2008. It also contains a lot of code cleanup as housekeeping so that the full set of Code Analysis Rules run against the code come back largely clean or suppressed (suppressed a minimum amount).

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

TFS Code Coverage Check-in Policy

TFS Code Coverage Check-in Policy is now available on CodePlex.

The TFS Code Coverage Check-in Policy enforces that the latest test run of the current solution has code coverage enabled and that the total code coverage percentage is not below a certain, configurable, threshold value.

It reads the information from test results folder stored locally beneath the current solution.

To ensure that the user actually ran all the necessary tests, this check-in policy should be combined with the Testing check-in policy, that ensures that the user has executed all tests from a predefined test list.

Visual Studio 2010 New Look

Jason Zander posted a blog post about Visual Studio 2010 New Look which is built on WPF technology in .NET Framework 4.0.

The new UI looks amazing in my point of view … Well done …


Visual Studio DB Professional 2010 Oracle Support

Quest Software has announced that they will be creating an Oracle Database Schema Provider for Visual Studio Team System 2010, which means that all Team System users having Oracle databases in their applications will get the same benefits from the Database Edition as those given to SQL Server databases.

Quest has opened up a Beta program on their site for Oracle Professionals using Team System.