Thursday, November 09, 2006

TFS VC Check-In Policies

A Check-In Policies pack will be available soon containing the following:
  • Check-in policy granularity
    It will be based on the one available in Code Gallery, the changes will be mainly packaging it, changing some of the UI and taking out some of the complexity.
  • Work-Item Associations
    It will be based on specified queries to check the associated work items by the developers are part of the queries or else it will be blocked, that will help making sure all check-ins are associated with real work.
  • Banned files
    This policy allows you to specify a file extension or a regular expression in order to keep files that you don’t want out of version control. This is usually used for dll’s, build artifacts, or some website files that are automatically generated.
  • Check-in Comments
    This policy gets shipped as part of the SDK. It looks at the check-in comments and makes sure it is not blank.

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