Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Boost TFS Performance under a VM

According to Andrew Dugdell, one of the VM Gurus, in order to boost your TFS performance under a VM you have to read the following 7 (non-desctructive and quite simple) tips.
  1. Move your VM to a second physical disk to your host OS – maybe even a USB drive if you are on a workstation or Laptop
  2. Defragment the filesystem inside your VM
  3. Defrag the pagefile inside your VM – Sysinternals PageDefrag works a treat
  4. Defrag the drive on your host that holds the VHD
  5. Defrag the pagefile on your host as well – again pagedefrag from sysinternals
  6. Install [updated] VM Additions inside your VM – latest version is 13.552
  7. Configure your anti-virus scanning to exclude VHD files on the host

For the super deluxe list of Virtual Server tweaks you can check his post.

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