Tuesday, October 03, 2006

TFS Power Toys

TFS Power Toys released.

The Team Foundation Power Toys are primarily command-line tools, with each Power Toy implemented as a command in a common application (tfpt.exe). To use these commands, start tfpt.exe at the Command Prompt. Some of the Power Toys will display a graphical user interface when called. In addition, you can access the Annotate and Treediff commands from Source Control Explorer in Visual Studio or Team Explorer. Previously, the Team Foundation Power Toys were only available in the Team Foundation Server SDK. This release includes four new Power Toys: Annotate, Bind, Query, TreeDiff, and Workitem.

Available Power Toys are:

Unshelve Command

Use the unshelve command to unshelve and merge the changes in the workspace.

Rollback Command
Use the rollback command to roll back changes that have already been committed to Team Foundation Server.

Online Command
Use the online command to create pending edits on writable files that do not have pending edits.

GetCS Command
Use the GetCS (Get Changeset) command to get the changes in a particular changeset.

UU Command
Use the UU (Undo Unchanged) command to undo unchanged files, including adds, edits, and deletes.

Annotate Command
Use the annotate command to download all versions of the specified files and show information about when and who changed each line in the file.

Review Command
Use the review command to optimize the code review process to avoid checking in or shelving.

History Command
Use the history command to display the revision history for one or more files and folders. The /followbranches option returns the history of the file branch’s ancestors.

Workitem Command
Use the workitem command to create, update, or view work items.

Query Command
Use the query command to run a work item query and display the results. If you do not provide a specific query, all the active work items assigned to you are displayed.

TreeDiff Command
Use the treediff command to display a visual representation of the differences between files in two server folders, in a server folder and a local folder, or in two local folders.

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