Wednesday, April 26, 2006

VSTS TF Version Control Known Issues

1. Cannot perform case-only rename on a folder if any child is locked.
Users cannot perform a case-only rename on a folder if they have any items locked under the folder.
Workaround: Rename the folder to something different, perform a check-in, and then rename the folder to the original name with the desired case.

2. Difference command: IgnoreCase parameter does not work in some codepages.
If Team Foundation source control stored encoding for a file is a DBCS codepage (such as Shift-JIS), the command-line difference command (tf difference /noprompt) will not ignore case correctly when specified by using /ignorecase.
Workaround: If the file contains no double-byte characters, use the /type parameter to specify an SBCS codepage (for example, /type:ASCII). If the file does contain double-byte characters, either avoid using the /ignoreCase parameter, or configure a third-party diff tool (using "tf difference /configure") which correctly supports case-insensitive comparisons in DBCS codepages.

3. No commands are available in Source Control Explorer.
If the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server plug-in is not associated with the Visual Studio IDE, some source control features will not be available. For example, when you right-click inside the working area of Source Control Explorer, “No Commands Available” is displayed.
Workaround: Associate the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server plug-in with the Visual Studio IDE by following these steps:
  1. Start Visual Studio. On the Tools menu, click Options.
  2. Expand Source Control and click Plug-in Selection.
  3. In the Current source control plug-in box, click Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.
  4. Click OK.

4. Renaming a project folder in Solution Explorer causes files to be marked read/write without checkout.
When you rename a project folder in Visual Studio using Solution Explorer, files in that folder, such as datasets or resources, may be marked read/write and have changes written to them without performing a checkout. This issue affects any files that have a custom tool assigned to them and do not have a custom tool namespace.
Workaround: When renaming a project folder, you are prompted with the name of each file that is being modified. After the project folder is renamed, manually check out those same files.

5. Cannot get files, shelvesets, or changesets from Version Control by date.
If you install the application tier on a machine or account with Regional Settings that have a "." as the time separator (for example, Italian), you will experience the following error when trying to get a file by date: "Database error (SQL Error 241) ---> conversion of type string to datetime failed".
Workaround: Change the regional settings of the account under which the worker process is running (this is on the application tier machine).To do this you have to determine under which user account the worker process is running, by following the steps below:

  1. Click Start.
  2. Right-click on My Computer, then select Manage.
  3. Expand the Services and Applications node.
  4. Expand the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager node.
  5. Expand the Application Pools node.
  6. Right-click on the TFS AppPool node and select Properties.
  7. The desired user account name can be found in the Identity tab.

You then need to change the Regional Settings of the above user account to any date/time format that does not use the "." as the time separator. For example, change the Regional Settings to English (United States) and restart IIS.

6. Version Control does not support alternate data streams.
You create a file with an alternate data stream. However, when you add it to Version Control and checked it in, the alternative data stream was lost.
Workaround: None.

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