Wednesday, April 26, 2006

VSTS Test Integration Known Issues

1. The Unit Test check-in policy cannot be used on team projects with multiple solutions.
When multiple Visual Studio solutions are associated with the same team project, setting a Unit Test check-in policy for that team project will cause check-ins to fail.
Workaround: Do not set a Unit Test check-in policy for a team project that has more than one Visual Studio solutions associated with it.

2. Editing the link to an unpublished test causes the bug form to throw an exception.
When you change the link to test results from the bug form, the bug form throws an exception if the test results have not been published.
Workaround: If you receive this exception, remove the invalid link from the bug form. To avoid this exception, publish the results before creating the bug or do not change the link.

3. Coverage Analysis Service is writing an event log warning when a build is deleted.
Deleting a build that has tests published against it will cause the Coverage Analysis Service to write an event log warning.
Workaround: Ignore the event log warning.

4. Unable to publish test results when the client is logged in as a local user not recognized by Team Foundation Server.
Trying to publish test results when the Visual Studio user is not recognized by Team Foundation Server will fail, even though Team Foundation Server does not ask you for valid credentials when it tries to publish test results.
Workaround: Run Visual Studio as a user recognized by Team Foundation Server.

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