Saturday, February 04, 2006

VSTS Great Collaboration …

Borland Software Corporation announced that it will provide one of the first fully-integrated requirements management solution for Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 Team System, Borland's award-winning CaliberRM™ requirements management solution is designed to provide Microsoft teams with a comprehensive way to manage requirements throughout the application lifecycle, enabling teams to select the right software projects, apply the right resources and adjust projects as they progress through different phases and roles in the development process.

Quoted from the press release …
“Below are specific use case scenarios of the planned integration of CaliberRM and Visual Studio Team System, as defined by roles within the application lifecycle:
Linking Requirements to Tests – Once analysts enter requirements with CaliberRM, they become visible within Visual Studio Team System with test creation and development tasks linked directly to them. Consolidated test results will be available so analysts can verify not just that code was developed to meet a requirement and tests were created to test a requirement, but that the tests passed and the requirement has been successfully fulfilled.
Developers Implementing Requirements – When a requirement is created or updated in CaliberRM, the changes will immediately become visible within the Visual Studio Team System environment, and development tasks will get assigned to make sure that the product code reflects the latest requirements. When a task gets completed, its status will be available for all team members so the analyst knows the code meets the correct requirements and the tester knows there is new code ready to be validated against the updated tests.
Creating Business Stakeholder Transparency – CaliberRM provides transparency of product status through reports which show requirements, test and development task status. The integration between CaliberRM and Visual Studio Team System allows users to generate reports showing each requirement and test plan associated with the approved requirements as well as the test plan results so business stakeholders can see which requirements are being satisfied in the product for each reporting period. “

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