Sunday, February 05, 2006

TFS RC ... What's new in it ...

I got a look at some of the biggest changes in TFS RC and here is a summary of such list ...
  • Bug fixes: They’ve found and fixed a ton of bugs. This release is substantially more reliable, stable and performant than Beta3.
  • Friendly name support for Work Items: Active Directory 'Friendly Name' is now used to assign work items insteas of the network account names.
  • Improved SharePoint configuration during install: The #1 issue during installation is ensuring that SharePoint is correctly configured for proper use by TFS.
  • Improved error detection within Setup.
  • Move SQL Reporting Services to the Application Tier: Because Reporting Services requires IIS to be present and many companies do not allow IIS and SQL to run on the same server, The Reporting Services was moved off the data tier in dual server deployments (no change for single server installs).
  • Upgrade utility: A lot of work on the upgrade scripts was done to allow migration of data from Beta3 refresh to both the Release Candidate and the final build of TFS. These scripts will also help migrate your data from the RC to the final bits to allow customers to “go live” with this release.
  • Reports: A lot of improvements to the reporting system were done so that everyone is going to like the changes done :)
  • Admin tools: Same goes for the admin tools.
  • Portal: Number of reports on the main page is reduced and the overall look of the default portal is cleaned up.
  • CMMI Methodology: A bunch of work to bring the CMMI process template up to shipping quality by fixing bugs in the work item templates and reports was done.

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