Sunday, November 09, 2008

VSTS 2008 TFS Power Tools - October 2008 Release

The TFS Power Tools October 2008 Release is now available for download on Microsoft Download Center

New in the October Release

Team Members (NEW!)

  • Adds a new node under each Team Project to the Team Explorer called "Team Members" that identifies people who work on the project.
  • Serves as a "pivot point" for information about and operations on people and teams.

Windows Shell Extension (NEW!)

  • Allows core version control operations within Windows Explorer without using Team Explorer.

PowerShell Support (NEW!)

  • Provides a PowerShell pipeline and cmdlets for TFS. Initial support is for basic version control operations.

TFPT (Updated)

  • tfpt searchcs - the Search Changesets Power Tool brings up a dialog from which the user can search for changesets that match specific combination of criteria including server path, committed date range, committed user, check-in comments and check-in notes.
  • tfpt unshelve /undo - finds all pending changes in your workspace that match the changes in the shelveset and undoes them (including deleting the local files for pending adds).

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