Thursday, March 15, 2007

Viewing Other Users' Pending Changes in VS

You can always view other users' Pending Changes by Running "tf status /user:* $/ /r" but it's not that neat and appealing to everyone.

Ekobit released a new free VS Add-In that allows you to directly see other users' Pending Changes from withing VS2005.

Check it out!!

Using the List Pending Changes browser is relatively simple. You can access
the browser from the View menu -> Other Windows -> List Pending Changes
menu item. In order to list checked out files you must fill out the Path input
field. Path input field represents the root of your search and it must be in
Visual Studio Team System source control path format (example: $/MyProject).
Beside entering the path manualy you may use the Path field as a combo box and
select the path from the given list of paths.

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