Thursday, January 25, 2007

TFS Powerful Easy Reports Add-In

TFS ships with a number of reports that allow you to track your progress of a project but modifying or creating new reports in Microsoft Visual Studio™ can prove to be challenging. Radius, from 90 Degree Software, integrates directly with TFS and delivers a powerful but easy to use reporting solution that allows you to rapidly create and use reports based on existing TFS queries.

The Radius Advantage:

  • Powerful and easy to use: Radius delivers report designers with an easy-to-use, yet powerful, reporting solution. The results-oriented user interface, designed to look and feel like Microsoft Office 2007, intuitively provides users with quick access to the features they need most, right when they need them. People who are already familiar with tools like Microsoft Office Word, Excel or PowerPoint will intuitively pick up and use Radius features with little instruction. As a result, report designers can create, modify and deploy user specific reports that are meaningful, interactive, and meet the needs of their diverse end-users, and they can do this quickly, increasing productivity.
  • The Radius TFS add-in: Provides TFS users the ability to use an existing team or personal TFS workitem query as the report query. The user is then able to proceed in creating visual report objects such as tables, charts and matrixes. The add-in also allows the project manager to quickly define filters based on TFS items such as AssignedTo values. The project manager can define custom groups of developers to filter the report quickly without needing to define this in the TFS query. Once the project manager has added the TFS query or queries to the report all of the report design features are available.
  • Search, Reuse and Securely Share: One of the powerful features Radius provides is the ability to search, re-use, and securely share any report or report component. As a result of leveraging existing reports and report components, organizations can decrease report deployment time, reduce the time, and costs required, to deploy reports.

The tool is really worth the check ...

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